How to Choose the Right Urn

How to Choose the Right Urn


One of the difficult moments that a person will face in one’s lifetime is the death of a close family member or a friend. More often than not, people don’t know how to handle the situation. While there is an available funeral planning checklist King of Prussia PA, it will be hard to do the task when everyone is grieving the loss of a loved one. There are lots of things to consider, such as choosing the funeral home, buying funeral flowers, choosing between burial and cremation, and picking a cremation urn.

Most of the items mentioned above are provided by the cremation services King of Prussia PA. There are also some items that can be taken care of by one’s relatives and close friends. But when it comes to picking a cremation urn, you should buy one based on personal preferences. The urn will hold the ashes of the deceased loved one, and serve as a symbol one the person’s legacy. There are some cases in which the urn is used as a temporary storage for the ashes before they are scattered later.

There is a wide range of urns offered by cremation service King of Prussia Pa. They come in various colors, sizes, designs and materials. Because of the choices, people might be confused on what to buy. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right urn.

Size of the Urn

According to the funeral planning guide King of Prussia PA, urns come in various sizes. You can find the right size depending on your preferences and needs. The average sized urn can hold 170 to 350 cubic inches. There are large urns that can hold up to 500 cubic inches of ashes. There are small sized urns that are ideal for people who want to share the ashes among loved ones. Consult with the company offering cremation services in Valley Forge PA to get an idea on how much ashes are left after the cremation.

Color of the Urn

Another factor to consider is the color of the urn. You can get an urn based on the favorite color of the deceased person. It is one way of remembering the dead. Or you can choose the color that will suit the design of the home. You can find one that will suit any color scheme. Urns come in any color that you can think of. There are urns in serious-toned colors, subtle colors, sophisticated colors, soft colors, and playful colors.

Material of the Urn

Another factor to consider when choosing an urn is the material. You should decide on the material of the urn before shopping for one. Some of the materials used to make urn include ceramic, granite, bronze, glass, marble, porcelain, brass, copper, steel, and wood. Those who need to carry the urn in flight after cremation memorials can choose an airport-friendly material such as urns made from cloth, transparent glass, cardboard or plastic.

Choosing an urn is one of the things you need to consider as part of the Cremating in Norristown PA process. You just need to keep the above-mentioned factors in mind to find the special urn for your loved one.

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