Why Developing a Pre-Arrangement Funeral Planning Checklist is Essential

Why Developing a Pre-Arrangement Funeral Planning Checklist is Essential

There are a lot of things that can happen during a death of a close family member, and there are a lot of decisions to be made. Clearly, having made these decisions written down and having these plans directly communicated to the right person in advance is helpful. Let us discover why developing a pre-arrangement funeral planning checklist is important and how this can benefit the grieving family. Being prepared can make this difficult time much easier.

Why Should I Pre-arrange My Funeral?

Benefit to the Family

Before drafting your pre-arrangement funeral planning checklist, it is first essential to understand and evaluate why it is important to have a pre-arranged funeral. Firstly, a prearranged funeral is easier to the family members. Grief and bereavement has so much weight and may be a great burden to the family and so does the expenses of funeral services. A prearranged funeral will help the abandoned family feel at ease in knowing that all the services are being covered for so that they can focus much on the grieving process and internalizing and accepting their loss rather than the complicated process of the funeral services.

Decreases Stress Level

When prearrangement funeral planning is made, the stress level among the grieving family is reduced immensely. Family members come in whether they are the spouse, children or adolescents, and they are put in a vulnerable spot pressuring them to make a decision. Even if they have talked about the loss, these members are taking a second guess about the decision and this alone can affect the grieving process. With prearrangement funeral planning checklist, family members are comforted knowing that the decision is exactly what their dead loved one wants. Pre-arrangement definitely takes that stress away from the family members.

Getting Assistance to Make an Informed Decision

In view of the fact that the process of funeral arrangement always involves making a decision, those family members who are not capable of making such decision will benefit greatly to a pre-arranged funeral planning. The checklist per se tackle important areas that needs to be addressed such as the price of the services, what types of services is expected and preferred, the location, technical equipment that may be needed, legalities and other funeral process intricacies. The goals of any pre-arranged funeral services are to assist individual family members arrive at an informed decision that will serve the best interest of the dead family member.

Relieves Financial Burden

What’s good thing about the pre-arrangement is a considerable financial saving that the family members can have. For example, an individual who has prearranged his funeral in the year 2000 and died in the year 2014, the funeral service price will be the 2000 funeral rate and this makes a big difference, especially to those who have difficulty in their finances. There are things though that needs to be additionally paid like obituary and food services.

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