Things to Know About Transporting Cremation Ashes

Things to Know About Transporting Cremation Ashes


Transporting cremation ashes often involves several issues included in a funeral planning checklist. This includes selecting the best container as well as making sure that proper documentation is performed accordingly. By understanding everything about how the process work through this funeral planning guide, even this very overwhelming task may turn out to be manageable.

To start, it is vital to understand that there are various methods in transporting cremation ashes. It is applicable whether it is done across the world, country or state. Still, it is also good to anticipate that there are also certain laws which are imposed on these methods. These laws are very strict and needs complete adherence.


Transporting Cremation Memorials– Airplane

There are sometimes when an individual needs to bring the ashes of their loved one to another country or another state where they can lay him or her down to rest. These days, most airlines allow the bringing of ashes either as a checked in luggage, carry-on, or even air cargo. Still, as passenger, there are some responsibilities that you need to consider. For one, the airlines should be informed well in advance so that you can get the right amount of information regarding the policies they may impose on transporting cremation ashes after going through the complete cremation services.

It is also important to read and understand the existing regulations of the Transportation Security Administration which may require that the container can be scanned. Any type of container which reflects an opaque image on the scanners will not be given entrance by the security. If possible, make sure to arrive at the airport earlier than your scheduled flight in order to ensure that you can still have extra time should problems and issues exist.

During the cremation service, make sure that the proper documentation has been prepared already. It is even advisable to bring in more copies just in case. Make sure that you adhere to all types of laws that might be imposed on it. You may even have a checklist from the airline in order to understand what it requires specifically. If you are confused, you may refer to the assistance of a funeral director.

Transporting Cremation Memorials– Shipping

Even though this may not turn out to be the best option, it is still one of those options that can successfully transport cremation ashes from one place to another. The US Postal Service (USPS) is currently the only available carrier in providing service so long as the packages are sent through registered or express mail. In order to deal with all the requirements, you may browse for step by step and guided funeral planning checklist to learn more.

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