The Versatility and Beauty of Cremation Urns

The Versatility and Beauty of Cremation Urns


There are many reasons to favor cremation over a traditional cemetery burial. As more people become aware of these benefits, the demand for cremation will continue to grow, and this is just as true in Pennsylvania as it is in the rest of the country. When done well,

cremation memorials

and services can be just as beautiful and poignant, or even more so, than services at a cemetery. Here are just some of the key advantages of cremation urns.

The Urns are Beautiful

One of the key benefits is simply that the urns, which contain the ashes can be beautiful works of art. There is truly no limit when it comes to the shape, size, material, color, pattern and other characteristics of the urn. In fact, it becomes possible to adapt the beauty of the vessel to the loved one who has departed. For example, when asking about cremation services (King of Prussia, PA has many companies offering these.), find out what options they can provide for the urn. If the deceased loved working with wood, for instance, it is possible to have the urn made of hardwood too. A good firm, which offers cremation service (King of Prussia, PA or elsewhere) should be able to meet that kind of request.

The Urns are Versatile

When preparing the funeral planning checklist (King of Prussia, PA companies should be able to advise you on this.), consider whether the ashes will be scattered or kept. If they will be scattered, it can be possible to have smaller urns which contain some of the ashes, so that loved ones will still have some of these to hold on to, even if the majority of the ashes are scattered elsewhere. One name for these is keepsake urns. A good funeral planning guide (King of Prussia, PA or elsewhere), should be able to advise you on how to strike the right balance between scattering most of the ashes, and keeping a small amount of these, to be distributed among the family members.

The Urns are Personal

The example was already given of choosing the material of the urn, based on what the deceased loved, but there are even more ways to personalize urns. For example, cremation services in Valley Forge, PA, have sometimes involved urns, which feature an engraving on the urn itself or a bronze plate attached to the urn. The text isn’t limited to the name of the deceased, or the relevant dates or years. It’s also possible to put a favorite quote or song lyric, or some other snippet of text that connects with the deceased’s identity. When it comes to cremating in Norristown, PA or elsewhere, the main thing to keep in mind is that urns aren’t just great because they are portable, and can be numerous. They are also great because you can design and create an urn that truly tries to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the deceased’s life.

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