Planning a funeral Service

Planning a funeral Service


Planning a funeral is the last event on anyone’s checklist during this difficult period in life. With the constant advance in technology, coffins in cemeteries have begun not to be the only route in a funeral planning guide. Cremation services have become slowly but surely more prevalent. As an alternative to traditional funerals, this process is seen as returning the body to nature without the common expenses that come along with it. This is seen as a change to the traditional viewing and burial that occurs for a deceased loved one. Although it is a difficult transition for the family members to adjust to, read more about our funeral planning guide that will help ease the stress.

The Planning Stages

There are many stages of shock, isolation and depression when trying to cope with the abrupt news of someone’s death while trying to look into cremation memorials. One of the most significant aspects of this decision making is trying to plan cremation services to take place. Another one of the first steps that must be taken is hiring a funeral director and informing the rest of your friends and family about the choice you want to make for the death of your loved one, as it is a huge transition period for them as well. While some may argue that caskets and gravesites allow people to visit their deceased loved one, cremation services have visiting rooms for people to gather and reminisce.

Cremation Services in King of Prussia, PA

By allowing us to help you look into cremation services in King of Prussia, PA, we assure you that we will make you feel as comfortable as possible during this planning. Cremating in Norristown, PA is very affordable and not complex; there are cremation memorials that can be planned during this time either at a place of worship, cemetery or at the Bacchi Funeral Home. Many people take this measure as opposed to the traditional method for many reasons, including the relatively lower cost and avoiding paying thousands of dollars for caskets and the funeral services. Others also go this route to avoid arranging for a viewing that is normally done during a traditional funeral.

As you’re looking through the funeral planning checklist, kindly keep in mind some rules that must be abided. Although it may differ from state to state, Pennsylvania law prohibits cremation services until after the first 24 hours of death. What makes cremation services in King of Prussia, PA convenient is that we specialize in this process and have our own crematory that services the entire state of Pennsylvania. Cremation memorials in Norristown, PA will help you with all your needs during this tragic and stressful time. Death is never an easy subject, and we can all relate and help each other. By planning ahead of time for the cremation services, a huge burden can be taken off your shoulders as you prepare to say goodbye to your loved one.

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