Life Celebrations: A New Approach in Funerals

Life Celebrations: A New Approach in Funerals


Over the years, we have seen traditional wakes, which are often characterized by being solemn. They are based on conventional rituals performed since time immemorial, which will depend on one’s religion, culture, and individual preferences. Recently, however, a notable trend is being apparent, which deals with making funerals more fun. Aside from choosing cremation memorials that will embody the personality of the dead, people now also engage in funeral practices reflective of the person’s interests. Gone were the days wherein funerals are boring, and cremation services will be all about endless crying to bid goodbye to the departed. Through life celebrations, you will not mourn the death but will celebrate the person’s life.

What Exactly It Is

Life celebrations is a new concept but is slowly gaining popularity and being an essential in a funeral planning guide. Simply put, it is similar to a memorial or cremation service, with the only difference being the fact that it celebrates the life of the deceased and not to grieve over the loss. Although they may be filled with tears, they are dominated with toast, laughter, music, and everything else reminiscent of the life of the dead.

With life celebrations, the funeral planning checklist entails the need to think about the props that will be indicative of the life a person has lived. If a person likes golf, for instance, you can consider displaying his or her favorite golf essentials during the funeral. You can also consider playing the person’s favorite music or movie during the funeral or during the memorial service.

All over the world, there are different ways by which life celebrations can be carried out. In Madagascar, for instance, it will involve dancing, which is believed to ward off evil spirits. In New Orleans, upbeat jazz is commonly played during funerals, which can also be done during cremation services. In Ireland, staying true to their culture of drinking, people commonly consume beers before the dead is buried on the ground.

Planning a Life Celebration

For the life celebration to turn out to be a success, there is a need to have a funeral planning checklist. On top of it, you should identify what are interesting for the dead, including favorites, such as when it comes to music, food, and hobbies. One good idea to do is to have a memory table where you will display all of a person’s most loved items from his or her wardrobe or collections. A memory board displaying pictures to reminisce the life of the departed will also be a good idea. Lastly, one of the most popular is to host a party after the cremation service, especially if the departed loves to drink.

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