Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Direct Cremation Services

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Direct Cremation Services


The term direct cremation pertains to the disposing of a dead body through cremation or burning of the body. This process is executed without the conduction of a prearranged or arranged funeral services. Many people are unaware of the whole process of direct cremation, and they use this term interchangeably with cremation. Let’s find out how direct cremation differs from conventional cremation as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the Advantages of Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation services are ideal for those people who are short of budget and with financial constraints. Most people who want to employ direct cremation are those who do not want to conduct further funeral arrangements such those relatives who suffered from sudden death who have not planned for the funeral beforehand. Most people choose to decline burying of the cremains or the remains of the cremation. Doing this can save a significant amount of costs compared to a traditional funeral. Costs that can be cut include the casket, cosmetic preparation, transportation, headstone costs, the grave liner and many more.

Cremains Accessibility

Another advantage of employing direct cremation is the feeling of a family member that remains of their deceased loved one can be accessed anytime and can be taken with them. This is especially applicable to families who plan to move or relocate to another place. They can bring the cremains with them when this happens.

Direct Cremation Simplicity

Direct cremation services are easy to perform and are simple. Family members tend to spend less time waiting for the cremation to take place and complete because direct cremation services only takes about two to three days to complete. Therefore, family members can have an equal time spent for grieving and recollection.

What are the Disadvantages of Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation services also come with disadvantages. Since the conduction of cremation is rather swift, other family members find the process too short for them to participate in the actual grieving. This is especially, applicable to family members, and distant relatives who just heard about the unfortunate loss and traveled from distant places. Many family members seek enough time for them to bid goodbye to the deceased through the funeral services and since this is absent with direct cremation, some find this dissatisfying.

Where Can I Find an Outstanding Direct Cremation Services?

King of Prussia Cremation and Funeral Services is the ideal place where most family members find consolation and comfort. They have a complete direct and plain cremation services, including funeral planning checklist, funeral planning guide and memorial services. Their staff is dedicated to serving the best comforting attitude to the grieving family members. With their assistance and guidance grieving and loss will be facilitated to guide you and your family toward acceptance. Visit King of Prussia Cremation and Funeral Services today or call them at (610) 272-1773.

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