Cremations Services vs Traditional Funeral

Cremation vs. Traditional Funeral


A lot of families these days opt for cremation services offered by Cremation Memorials Norristown PA for their loved ones rather than the traditional type of funeral service because they see the benefits behind it. For one, the cost of the cremation is much lower compared to the standard funeral service. Also, after the cremation process, you do not have to physically travel to a cemetery or any burial place because the remains of your loved ones are just nearby.

These days, there has been a problem with cemeteries running out of spaces. As a result, some even resort to removing some remains after a specific period of time, much to the aghast of the family and relatives of the dead person. At the same time, Cremation Services Norristown PA offers this option as it is environment-friendly. As a matter of fact, some religions even prefer this type of service as it is more safe and practical.

Different Types of Cremation Services

Cremation Service Norristown PA offers different types of services. One is direct cremation, where the family gives the authorization in writing to have their loved one created even without a service or viewing. This means that the deceased is taken to a funeral home, or perhaps directly delivered to a crematory facility.

Other families, however, opt to having a funeral home service, plus cremation. With this type of service, the deceased is first embalmed and prepared for a funeral home viewing, along with the standard memorial service either at a church or a funeral home. Afterwards, the body is being brought to a crematory facility rather than a cemetery for burial.

Funeral Planning Norristown PA also honors specific requests from family members, especially those who are practicing their religions actively. Many families practice witnessing, wherein friends and family conduct a religious service, and afterwards witnessing the cremation at a nearby crematory facility.

The most common type offered as part of the Funeral planning guide Norristown PA is renting a casket together with a cremation insert. The body is then placed in a casket and prepared for viewing. Once the funeral service is completed, the insert is removed and then transferred to a crematory for the disposition.

Different families have different reasons for choosing this type of service over the standard one. The decision entirely depends on the family of the dead one. Of course, being in this situation is more than just challenging. As a matter of fact, losing someone in death might simply turn out to be the hardest thing that a person has to deal with. Some people feel the comfort of having their loved ones nearby in an urn that they can just see every day.

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