Choosing Urns for Your Loved Ones

Choosing Urns for Your Loved Ones


A lot of people are still opting to be cremated when they die. But consumers still don’t know what urn to get for cremation services. In the past, there are limited options when it comes to urns. Times have changed, and now there are many types of urns to choose from to place the cremated remains of your loved ones. At present, options include special containers that were designed to be placed in a columbarium or mausoleum, urns for display, or items that are made for traditional ground burial. There are specially made urns that help in scattering the ashes and made of eco-friendly materials. Urns today come in various shapes, colors, and materials that make the options available limitless.

When creating a funeral planning checklist, you must decide on what to do with the ashes after the cremating in Norristown PA. If you are opting for a cemetery internment, cemeteries provide various ways to memorialize a loved one. Families can choose from a traditional ground burial or to place the urn in a mausoleum or columbarium niche. Once the plan is finalized, then you can decide on the type of urn to get.

Urns for burials are made of any material that includes bronze, porcelain and marble. The urn is usually placed in an urn vault in the ground to protect it from the elements. When you prefer to place it in a niche, you should find out if the front is glass or solid. With a glass front, personal mementos are placed together with the urn. The size of the niche will determine the type of urn that you need. According to a funeral planning guide, cemeteries that provide glass front niches allow loved ones to express the deceased personality through the urns.

After cremation memorials, some people wished their ashes to be scattered. There are specially designed wooden boxes that have been made specifically for the scattering ashes. The top of the urn slides to allow the ashes to scatter easily. Some people prefer to buy crystal or ceramic urns for scattering because they can use the as flower vase after the ashes have been scattered.

There are urns made of biodegradable materials. There are urns that have been made of cloth vessels or hand-made paper that can be placed in a body of water or buried with the ashes. Hand-pressed urns are ideal for scattering ashes in the ocean. The urns will float on the water for a couple of minutes before sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Picking an urn is one of the things you need to do when planning cremation services in King of Prussia PA. Choosing the right one is as important as finding the final resting place of your loved one.

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